Is censorship on social media a real thing, or are people worried about nothing?

Facebook announced that its terms are going to change on October 1st. What does that actually mean for its users? Are they planning to ban, suspend, or cancel members’ accounts that don’t align with their liberal ideology?

Twitter announced last week that it will suspend the president’s Twitter account if he starts tweeting about winning the election before every vote is counted. In order for the tech giants to grow they were protected by Article 230 which allowed them to operate as a Platform.

Article 230 shielded them from any liability for content posted. Over the last three to four years they have been heavily censoring many opinions that are considered conservative-leaning.

Social Media censorship appears to be getting more and more prevalent.

Will the moves that Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube make prior to the 2020 presidential Election be considered election interference, or simply a company doing business as they wish in a capitalist country?

There are Facebook alternative sites popping up. One of the bests sites to replace Facebook is www.Sociallly.com. Sociallly.com has the look and feel of Facebook, however, they do not keep all your data, they don’t sell your data and you can also use its text messaging features similar to Messenger.

A game-changing feature that Sociallly plans to release soon is the ability to import your entire Facebook account into the Sociallly platform. This feature may come at the perfect time for some disgruntled users that feel Facebook censorship isn’t for them.

November 2020 will reveal the truth no matter what either side has to say. Get your popcorn ready!

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