Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube to determine hate speech?

Social Media Hate Speech, who decides?

With the announcement that the three biggest tech giants in the social media world have come together to create or form a coalition of such. They have anointed themselves the gods of virtue. See, what confuses me as an American, I thought we had a first amendment right to Freedom of Speech. These companies already lean far left and have shown an overwhelming bias to a conservative voice. So, what does this mean in its simplest terms? If you want to use these platforms, yes, I said platforms, check your first amendment rights at their login screen. What they have considered hate speech is anything that makes a left-leaning liberal democrat look bad. For example, and there are so many to choose from: Payments to Hunter Biden, the children that have been saved from sex trafficking, pedophilia! None of these stories hit the mainstream media. The mainstream media is the main conduit for corruption, false information, and reckless reporting. I hope to see this cleaned up in the next fours. The most accurate polls are in fact about the absurdly low level of trust and respect the country has for the mainstream media.

There is hope, I see the masses seeking alternatives to Facebook, such as This site is new but the right-side folks that have been banned or suspended, have found a home at

So, the vision I can see happening is the masses flocking and jumping on different Micro Media sites. What I mean is smaller social media platforms that are built on the same technology, open-sourced, and then managed independently, but allowing the members to download their entire account and joining a new Social Micro group. In my opinion, this will mitigate a worldwide monopoly on our content, our lives, and our freedoms as Americans. Or am I just nuts? Time will tell.