Social Media Jail

Does social medial jail really exist?

 August 31, 2020  admin

Is Social Media Jail a myth or the real deal? There have been many rumblings about folks across all social media platforms getting censored. The allegations stem from the current political climate we are in. Now with it being an election year in the United States, it seems many are claiming unfair censorship by Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and most other platforms.

We have heard many complaints from the right that their voices, posts, and videos are being removed from the top Social Media sites. The accusations are plentiful and the screencaps are piling up proving there may be some truth to this.

The question for Americans is this: Does Facebook have the right to decide what you can post? Does this censorship infringe upon Americans first amendment rights?

I think we are fast approaching the discussion or review of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Section 230 allowed for the growth of these social media companies to be looked at as a Platform as opposed to being considered a Publisher. Section 230 allowed protection to these big tech companies so they were not responsible for the good or bad content upload by its users. A publisher is considered a company that selects, edits, and decides what content will or will not be displayed. The following like will get you up to speed on section 230.